For any business, testimonials and interviews are an integral part of the marketing strategy. Video interviews are an effective platform for customers to communicate their experience using your product or service or for team members to discuss the company values, products or culture.

There are generally two kinds of video interviews: the talking head testimonial/interview and the two person interview.


Talking head videos are usually shot with the subject looking slightly off camera. A second camera is usually a good idea for capturing an alternative angle and/or close-up of the subject. This allows for more flexibility and visual interest in the editing. For example, two cameras allow for a more seamless combination of clips when condensing longer interviews into a few minutes. The interviewer is off-camera posing questions that are not included in the final videos. Subject can speak from memory or use notes from a laptop or whiteboard. The camera can stop/start to accommodate the speaker and provide direction as needed.

NOTE: Teleprompters are not part of the usual package, but can be added for an additional cost.

In a given 8 hour day, typically 10-12 talking heads can be shot assuming each session is about 15 minutes, the subject is prepared with advance questions/answers and the setup, location and lighting are constant.


Interview set-ups are more involved as they require 2-3 cameras and mics and more time to stage and shoot. These work better in an open environment with ample time and space.

Usually one camera gets a master 2-shot while the second camera captures a close-up of the interviewee. A third camera can be added for getting a close-up of the interviewer’s questions and reactions. It is possible, however, to create a three camera effect with two cameras by filming the questions and reactions of the interviewer separately, then splicing them in in the edit.


Green screen is usually best for single-subject “explainer” style videos – when the subject’s speaking points benefit from overlaid text/graphics or when a custom background is desired.

Environments (location shoots) are more visually interesting, but require more planning and setup to create the right composition and lighting. Open (quiet) office spaces, homes and rooms with furniture and natural light work best but are not always available. Often these have to be shot in a small office or hotel conference rooms and require some creativity to make it work.


Editing is usually billed separately per hour as each interview or subject may require a specific approach. Depending on the client’s needs or use, these videos can be a few seconds, a few minutes or up to an hour or more. Talking head videos are most effective edited into 1-3 minute individual web videos featuring either one or several people.